The Wild Center

by Gothics

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We're sorry we bailed on the camping trip. During the three days you were gone, we wrote this album about what we missed.

We hope you like it.




released August 2, 2016

all music and words by NS (Ecru, Sudoroso) & GSA (Sudoroso)



all rights reserved


Gothics Jersey City, New Jersey

one long weekend;
two dudes that didn't go camping

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Track Name: Ultralight Gear
as soon as the motors thaw
I'll settle for as far as I can:

gothics mountain
just for a few days.

typed out a spreadsheet,
to assess what I can carry:

a canteen, a headlamp,
a 1-person tent.

who else could bear
what I care about
getting out
Track Name: TAYF interlude (Interstate 87)
(((hoping nothing happens)))
Track Name: Friend Forecast
6-hour drive with an old friend
I don't really like.
northbound & stubborn,
this weekend's trouble.

I wonder if he drinks too much.
I wonder if I expect too much.
I want to walk in the woods for a weekend
with nobody asking how I feel.

I'm fine, I guess.
fuck you for asking.
thank you for being a friend.
Track Name: Black Bear Restaurant (4.1 Stars)
no one here except me, my old friend, a drink, and a drunk
nostalgia aside, in this case, this isn't a good thing
took my order, hopped in his car, and drove into the mountains
hungry dreams of home-style, mints with the check
nostalgia aside, in this case, this isn't a good thing

here for the usual
feels like the 80s
a place that time forgot
next time, I will keep driving
Track Name: Pack/Unpack
out here I feel a different
kind of tired & hungry
for something else.

so if the weather's bad
I'll keep driving up.
cause in the rain
I make the same mistakes.
look in the dirt
a bed will leave a trace.

asleep on mud
with the rest of what's rotting
and all that's alive.
Track Name: The Wild Center
the pines turn to posterboard
the bears speak like doctors
at a psychology conference
there's a cedar in the shower

and all my friends
are asleep on the floor
and there's someone else
I know I brought home
but she's running for the door

who is she?

just the wind in the night
picking up where I left off
Track Name: Black Flies
my skin is torn, bruised & stung.
this state's a bed of parasites,
a puddle of wings
made to find me.

how useless trying <> conversations don't get far
to get away <> black flies love it when we talk.
the wild center <> three days & how far I walked
is just my breath <> just to end up where I am.
Track Name: The Factory
(((a place for families that drive Camrys and go to Disney)))
Track Name: Cities
so many windows
gazing in darkness
i'm headed back
to another apartment
the boxes of records
that litter the doorway
the 9 to 5 &
the fruit left rotting

but when my cell phone
gets back in service
there's no one I feel like calling.
i'm way too sleepy & filthy
I can't wait to see the shower
& bed waiting for me.
though I feel happy,
when things got messy
I meant it when I said I'd stay out.
but ain't it pretty?
the moonlit city
a canyon studded
with open windows
and only one of them is mine.